iPod shuffle - About the iPod shuffle Battery

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About the iPod shuffle Battery

iPod shuffle has a rechargeable internal battery that should be replaced only by an
Apple Authorized Service Provider.

For best results, the first time you use iPod shuffle, let it fully charge for about three
hours. The battery is 80-percent charged in about two hours and fully charged in
about three hours. If iPod shuffle isn’t used for a while, the battery might need to
be recharged.

You can sync music while the battery is charging. You can disconnect and use
iPod shuffle before it’s fully charged.

Charging the iPod shuffle Battery

You can charge the iPod shuffle battery in two ways:

Connect iPod shuffle to your computer


Use the Apple USB Power Adapter, available separately.


To charge the battery using your computer:
Connect iPod shuffle to a high-power USB 2.0 port on your computer using the


included iPod shuffle USB cable. The computer must be turned on and not in sleep
mode (some Mac models can charge iPod shuffle while in sleep).

When the battery is charging, the status light on iPod shuffle is solid orange. When the
battery is fully charged, the status light is green. In iTunes, the battery icon next to the
name of your iPod shuffle also shows the battery status. The icon displays a lightning
bolt when the battery is charging, and a plug when the battery is fully charged.

If iPod shuffle is being used as an external disk or is syncing with iTunes, the
status light blinks orange to let you know that you must eject iPod shuffle before
disconnecting it. In this case, your battery may either be still charging or fully charged.

If you don’t see the status light, iPod shuffle might not be connected to a high-power
USB 2.0 port. Try another USB 2.0 port on your computer.

If you want to charge the battery when you’re away from your computer, you can
connect iPod shuffle to an Apple USB Power Adapter, available separately. To purchase
iPod shuffle accessories, go to www.apple.com/ipodstore.


Chapter 2    

iPod shuffle Basics

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To charge the battery using the Apple USB Power Adapter:



Connect the included iPod shuffle USB cable to the power adapter, and plug the other

end into iPod shuffle.



Plug the power adapter into a working power outlet.

Apple USB Power Adapter
(your adapter may look different)

iPod shuffle USB cable


Make sure the power adapter is fully assembled before plugging it into a

power outlet. Read all safety instructions about using the Apple USB Power Adapter
in Chapter 7, “Safety and Handling,” on page 34 before use.

Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. Battery life and
number of charge cycles vary by use and settings. For information, go to

Checking the Battery Status

You can check the battery status of iPod shuffle when it’s connected to your computer
or disconnected. The status light tells you approximately how much charge is in the

If iPod shuffle is on and not connected to a computer, you can use VoiceOver to hear
the battery status by pressing the VoiceOver button twice.

Status light when

VoiceOver message

Solid green

Good charge

“Battery full” or
“Battery 75%” or
“Battery 50%”

Solid orange

Low charge

“Battery 25%”

Solid red

Very low charge

“Battery low”

Status light when connected to computer

Solid green

Fully charged

Solid orange


Blinking orange

Do not disconnect (iTunes is syncing, or
iPod shuffle is enabled for disk use); may be still
charging or may be fully charged


Chapter 2    

iPod shuffle Basics