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About iTunes

iTunes is the free software application you use to set up, organize, and manage your
content on iPod shuffle. iTunes can sync music, audiobooks, and audio podcasts with
iPod shuffle. If you haven’t already installed iTunes 10 or later (required for iPod shuffle)
on your computer, you can download it at www.itunes.com/download.

After you install iTunes, it opens automatically when you connect iPod shuffle to your
computer. You can use iTunes to import music from CDs and the Internet, buy songs
and other audio from the iTunes Store, create personal compilations of your favorite
songs (called playlists), sync iPod shuffle, and adjust iPod shuffle settings.

iTunes also has a feature called Genius, which creates instant playlists and mixes of
songs from your iTunes library that go great together. You can sync Genius mixes and
playlists from iTunes to iPod shuffle. To use Genius, you need an iTunes account. To
learn how to set up Genius, see “Using Genius in iTunes” on page 15.

iTunes has many other features. You can burn your own CDs that play in standard CD
players (if your computer has a recordable CD drive); listen to streaming Internet radio;
watch videos and TV shows; rate songs according to preference; and much more. For
information about using these features, open iTunes and choose Help > iTunes Help.


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If you already have iTunes 10 or later installed on your computer and you’ve set up
your iTunes library, you can skip to the next section, “Connecting iPod shuffle to a
Computer for the First Time” on page 15.