iPod shuffle - Connecting iPod shuffle to a Computer for the First Time

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Connecting iPod shuffle to a Computer for the First Time

The first time you connect iPod shuffle to your computer after installing iTunes,
iTunes opens and the Setup Assistant appears. If iTunes doesn’t open automatically,
open it yourself.

To use the iPod shuffle Setup Assistant:



Enter a name for iPod shuffle. This name will appear in the device list on the left side of

the iTunes window.



Select your settings.

Automatic syncing is selected by default. If you keep this option selected and Genius is
turned on, iTunes syncs Genius Mixes from your iTunes library to iPod shuffle. If Genius
isn’t turned on, iTunes fills iPod shuffle with songs from your iTunes library and places
them in the “All Songs” playlist. For more information about automatic and manual
syncing, see the next section.
VoiceOver is also selected by default. Keep this option selected to hear track titles
and artist names, change your playlists, and hear battery status while you listen to
iPod shuffle. For more information, see “Using VoiceOver” on page 24.



Click Done.

You can change the device name and settings any time you connect iPod shuffle to
your computer.
After you click Done, the Summary pane appears. If you selected automatic syncing,
iPod shuffle begins syncing.


Chapter 3    

Setting Up iPod shuffle