iPod shuffle - Playing Music

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Playing Music

After you sync iPod shuffle with music and other audio content, you can listen to it.


Before using iPod shuffle, read all safety instructions, especially the

section on hearing damage, in Chapter 7, “Safety and Handling,” on page 34.

To listen to songs and other items on iPod shuffle:



Plug the earphones into iPod shuffle and place the earbuds in your ears.



Slide the three-way switch on iPod shuffle from OFF to play in order (⁄) or shuffle (¡).

Playback begins.
To conserve battery life when you aren’t using iPod shuffle, slide the three-way switch
to OFF.


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Do this

Play or pause

Press Play/Pause (’).

Increase or decrease the volume

Press Volume Up (∂) or Volume Down (D). You
hear a tone if you change the volume while
iPod shuffle is paused.

Go to the next track

Press Next/Fast-forward (‘).

Go to the previous track

Press Previous/Rewind (]) within 6 seconds
of the track starting. After 6 seconds, pressing
Previous/Rewind (]) restarts the current track.


Press and hold Next/Fast-forward (‘).


Press and hold Previous/Rewind (]).

Hear the track title and artist name

Press the VoiceOver ( ) button.

Hear the playlist menu

Press and hold the VoiceOver ( ) button. When
you hear the name of the playlist you want, press
the VoiceOver ( ) button or Play/Pause (’) to
select it. You can press Next/Fast-forward (‘) or
Previous/Rewind (]) to cycle quickly through
your playlists.

Exit the playlist menu

Press and hold the VoiceOver ( ) button.

The status light blinks green once in response to most of your actions (playing,
rewinding, fast-forwarding, using VoiceOver, changing the volume, and so on). If you
pause iPod shuffle, the status light blinks green steadily for 30 seconds. If you reach
the upper or lower volume limit, the status light blinks orange three times. The battery
status lights are described in “Checking the Battery Status” on page 11.

Setting iPod shuffle to Play Songs in Order or Shuffle Songs

You can set iPod shuffle to shuffle songs or play them in the order in which they’re
organized in iTunes. When you turn on shuffle, books, podcasts, and Genius Mixes
aren’t shuffled; they play in their iTunes order.

To set iPod shuffle to play songs in order:
Slide the three-way switch to play in order (



After the last song plays, iPod shuffle starts playing the first song again.

To set iPod shuffle to shuffle:
Slide the three-way switch to shuffle (



To reshuffle songs, slide the three-way switch from shuffle (¡) to play in order (⁄)
and back to shuffle again.


Chapter 4    

Listening to Music